Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Operations and Ethics

VI. Publication Criteria, New section- Add provisions for a web newspaper
X. Copyright-Like Seth said, this is going to have to be looked at. How long are things going to be staying on the website? Where will the copyright be on the website pages? Will we eventually take issues down? Things to talk about.
XIII. Corrections- Will corrections have a timeline? Where will they go on the website? Will they go in the print edition?
XXI. Appointment and Tenure-D. 3. A. Publicizing-Add the website?
XVI. Distribution and Subscriptions-B.-Do we need this after next year?
XV. Advertising-Should there be anything in here that specifically addresses a website and online advertising?
XX. Description of Positions of Extra Responsibility-Update positions to reflect the move to the web.
XIV. Unauthorized Alteration, Theft and Vandalism- We need a whole new section about alteration and vandalism for the website.

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