Thursday, April 30, 2009

Notes on use of CPJ website 4/30


1. Only students with an account can contribute content for any section and contribute comments in their own name.

2. Staff/faculty will be limited to a staff/faculty blog with a postings index in various sections as appropriate.
3. Staff taking courses with the staff discount and not paying S&A fees, they are not a student and but staff engaged professional development
4. L&O always and comments always photo, everything, byline links to profile. Photo and byline on L&O will link to profile.
Every contributor has a profile page.
Who responsible?

5. Editor-in-chief makes the final determination.
How do we define students

profanity policy - content containing profanity will be reviewed to make sure it pertains to the policy.

Notes on user-regulated comments:
Do we allow people to tag comments? There is the system that New York Times utilizes where random users are granted the power to tag comments for a day or so.
You can do flag a comment, and it will work on a threshold. After so many people have flagged a comment, it send us an alert.
We need to have something besides a user-policed commenting system.

Having someone moderate the comments with a user-policed system. We need both.
Be clear that when something happens to a comment that it is because of a comment policy.

what about vicious and malicious posts that make use of every word but are not profane? What are we to do?

Just calling someone an asshole provides no insight into the purpose of a comment.

Malicious - Malevolence, spite, etc. – we do not want people to be commenting out of all of theses.

We are looking for comments that engage with what people have said and provide new information.

need a comments monitor.

*Profile page that shows all articles a student has contributed.

We need to make it so only student email accounts can gain full access to the CPj website. need to find a way to block administrative accounts.

Criteria to participate as a student on

Have student email
4 credits
it has be student activity-fee paying student.
(someone needs to talk to Joe Pollack,: what are the circumstances that you get to have an student account? How long does a student have one?)
This may be the gateway to show that you are not only a student but paying fees.

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