Thursday, April 30, 2009

Notes on use of CPJ website 4/30


1. Only students with an account can contribute content for any section and contribute comments in their own name.

2. Staff/faculty will be limited to a staff/faculty blog with a postings index in various sections as appropriate.
3. Staff taking courses with the staff discount and not paying S&A fees, they are not a student and but staff engaged professional development
4. L&O always and comments always photo, everything, byline links to profile. Photo and byline on L&O will link to profile.
Every contributor has a profile page.
Who responsible?

5. Editor-in-chief makes the final determination.
How do we define students

profanity policy - content containing profanity will be reviewed to make sure it pertains to the policy.

Notes on user-regulated comments:
Do we allow people to tag comments? There is the system that New York Times utilizes where random users are granted the power to tag comments for a day or so.
You can do flag a comment, and it will work on a threshold. After so many people have flagged a comment, it send us an alert.
We need to have something besides a user-policed commenting system.

Having someone moderate the comments with a user-policed system. We need both.
Be clear that when something happens to a comment that it is because of a comment policy.

what about vicious and malicious posts that make use of every word but are not profane? What are we to do?

Just calling someone an asshole provides no insight into the purpose of a comment.

Malicious - Malevolence, spite, etc. – we do not want people to be commenting out of all of theses.

We are looking for comments that engage with what people have said and provide new information.

need a comments monitor.

*Profile page that shows all articles a student has contributed.

We need to make it so only student email accounts can gain full access to the CPj website. need to find a way to block administrative accounts.

Criteria to participate as a student on

Have student email
4 credits
it has be student activity-fee paying student.
(someone needs to talk to Joe Pollack,: what are the circumstances that you get to have an student account? How long does a student have one?)
This may be the gateway to show that you are not only a student but paying fees.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Notes from our user discussion

Wait a minute...

Use of site in general. Comments are only a section of this. What we are requirements of people for comments will be requirements for whole sites.

It might become something that faculty/staff might use it too further their job purposes as opposed to contribute to the greater discussion.

Student staff versus staff for contributing to a staff blog. Student staff, outreach that is controlled by administrators.

How do we define student as a contributor versus student staff member working on behalf of the college.

Where do we draw the line if we draw that line?

If staff/faculty want to contribute in any form we have to very clear about who they are.

How do we divide blogs,

Have something like oly/blog for staff/faculty.

Headline editors double check and make sure that headlines for this blog are reflective of content.

Blog coordinator for the CPJ ? – check blogs and upload.

difference between blogs and letters and opinions piece.

Blog feature on the L&O page

How do we keep L&O from being a free for all. How do we determine what is L&O and what is just a blog item.

We ask the contributors how do they want their article tagged.

Tags can be done in several different ways, not just sections.

There is nothing worse than poor indexing of information. We need to find some intutive way to design and label things, such as a blog preview on a section page.

If we have a faculty/staff blogged that will be previewed on other pages:
what position would we need to do this?
How much work will it take?
Dianne says it will involve at least three people, unless we have one blog coordinator.
Seth says there is a different systems of agreements that make this easier.

Even with automation, how will we decide is something is in the section that would best fit an article or blog post.

Would the person who reads blog, and writes headline decide which section the blog will be indexed on.

One blog were all the faculty and staff can contribute. It will edited by a blog coordinator (s).

Develop blog coordinator position- read every blog, check headline, check and make sure tags are appropriate. Create headline that will be used on every reference index.

make position malleable to fit changing responsibilities.

Alumni – do we have an alumni blog?

Have the Alumni foundation buy webspace to have an alumni blog.
They would bear responsibilities for this space. We would need to make it clear that is was being rented by the foundation.
Who would design it?
Selling blogs to Enrollment?
Business develop ad rates for Evergreen-centric blog.
Use the homepage campus add space as a slideshow, It could highlight the rented blogs.

Photos for website use.
Have a photographer designate time each week to specifically take user photos.


Have a day at the beginning of the year where we say " if you ever want to send something to the CPJ, get your photo taken now."


comments need someone to review both comments and user photos.

Do we need a new position or could it be a pre-existing position.

It makes sense to have position whose purpose is to moderate review comments, etc. This person would also look at incoming profile photos to ensure that all photos are real.

Purpose of this position to monitor the CPJ comment boards to help maintain civil and productive discourse.

Newsmixer based comment system.

Character limits for comments posting.

300 characters.

duties make sure questions are questions. Make sure comments are submitted to the appropriate section.

Comment moderation system.

Have some features that makes comment invisible to users until its reviewed by eic or me or associate editor.
After editor reviews, they can send a message (possibly an automated one) that will notify commentator of the message deletion.

Have some kind of invisible stack to see if comments from a particular use consistently get deleted.

When would we ban a user from commenting, if we ban them from commenting? How would they be banned?

So after a period of malicious commenting, a user's comments will have to go through a review process before being posted. Not any different than usual review process, it just doesn't show up automatically.

If we do this we need to be very clear about the worth and meaning of the CPJ comments section.
To do this have some sort of reminder before this person can post.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Bryn and I will meet every day at 11:30 am, bring our accomplishments and review our work with each other.

• General Changes that must be made throughout Manual: Changes of versions and assistant/associate language

I. Advertising Process and Table of Contents - BRYN & KRISTINA: Monday, May 11, 2009
⁃ update LAST
II. Contracts - Kristina: Friday, May 8, 2009
⁃ ***addition of a online ad run sheet
⁃ consistent uploading process throughout the month, where will we keep the online contracts?
⁃ do away with bulk rate contracts
⁃ two separate systems of online and paper contracts
⁃ what will be the timeline for processing online contracts (sign required between signing contract and placing ad on site)
⁃ Design online contracts and review current contracts
⁃ Online contracts: online tear sheets (traffic, hit counts, etc.)
⁃ General online traffic hits included in ad Brochure
⁃ Include online revamping of correction ads
⁃ update contract drawers to include online?
III. Advertising Information & Rates Brochure Required - Kristina: May 5, 2009
⁃ Ad Rate brochure for both print and online separately or together?
⁃ define ad rates/specs for online next year
IV. Client Profile - Bryn: Friday, May 8, 2009
⁃ review current client profile sheets
⁃ make changes to manual according to alterations
⁃ add website to profile?
⁃ include ubi #
V. Client Journal - Bryn: May 8, 2009
⁃ review current client journal sheets
⁃ credit card?
⁃ bulk rate?
⁃ adding online ad space specs to journal
⁃ come up with abbreviations for different online ad rates/purchases (button, box, text, package, on campus/off)
VI. Ad Run Sheet Requirements - Kristina: Thursday, April 29, 2009
⁃ create two sections for both online and print
⁃ what size of ads will we accept?
⁃ include expiration of ad online ad run sheets
⁃ how often will be update ad run sheet daily?
VII. Ad Work Order - Kristina: Monday, May 4, 2009
⁃ create online ad work order
⁃ review current ad work orders
⁃ what format will be used for online advertising?
⁃ perhaps just use different colors for online v print ad work orders
⁃ we no longer paste things!!!
⁃ update proofers responsibilities
⁃ how will ads be placed online?
⁃ who will be responsible for placing online ads?
⁃ rewrite deadlines for ad work orders (how will online work?)
VIII. Credit Card Transaction - Bryn: May 6, 2009
⁃ update credit card transactions to reflect new cc form
⁃ make clear that cc are only are emergencies
⁃ take out subscription processes
⁃ include how to document cc-paid online ads
⁃ take out classified
IX. Miscellaneous Receipt for Advertising - Bryn: May, 4, 2009
⁃ move cc down to bottom an reiterate only for emergencies
⁃ create examples for online advertising (need ad specs)
⁃ take out classified and subscription
X. Inter-Organization Transaction Form - Bryn: May 4, 2009
⁃ come up with some language to describe online ad run dates and sizes
⁃ have separate folders for online IOT ads
⁃ what do you think about cheaper online advertising?
⁃ come up with filing system for expired online advertising contracts
XI. Invoices - Bryn: May 4, 2009
⁃ take out bulk rates
⁃ figure out online tearsheets/copies
⁃ find language to describe online ad specs
⁃ will we invoice after ad runs and how do we prove it was up for the full 30 days?
XII. Subscription Processes - Bryn: April 29, 2009
⁃ take out all subscription payment processing stuff and new label creation
⁃ take out re-subscribe letter
⁃ take out circ coordinator responsibilities
⁃ how to return checks or how to handle them via subscriber (refer to Dianne for specific process, potential record keeping?)
XIII. Miscellaneous Receipt for Subscriptions - Bryn: April 29, 2009
⁃ remove entire section
XIV. Excel Record of Ad Revenue per Issue - Bryn: May 6, 2009
⁃ how often should excel record online ad run sheet be updated
⁃ coming up with language to describe ad specs, run dates etc.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Our Reasoning for our rates:
Section banner ad for 1 month = quarter page ad for 1 issue
Box ad for 1 month = 2x4 ad for 1 issue
Button ad for 1 month = 1x4 ad for 1 issue
Text ad for 1 month = 1x2 ad for 1 issue


PLACEMENT: top right hand corner
SIZE: 300 x 250
USE: on campus - CPJ use only - special events
Pricing: undetermined

SIZE: 120x90
USE: Section Package only


PLACEMENT: Between title and section features
SIZE: 728x90
USE: Section Package only


BOX AD (1)
PLACEMENT: top right hand aligned with top of headline
SIZE: 300x250
USE: general use, one section
OPEN $70/month
BB (3+ months) $50/month
COM SERV $40/month
CAMPUS BIZ $60/month
TESC GEN $32/month
TESC S&A $25/month

PLACEMENT: centered under BOX AD on top right
SIZE: 180x150
USE: General Use, one section
OPEN $35/month
BB (3+ months) $25/month
COM SERV $20/month
CAMPUS BIZ $30/month
TESC GEN $16/month
TESC S&A $12.50/month

PLACEMENT: bottom of page, all sections
SIZE: 120 x 90
USE: General Use
OPEN $52.50/month
BB (3+ months) $37.50/month
COM SERV $30/month
CAMPUS BIZ $45/month
TESC GEN $24/month
TESC S&A $15/month


OPEN $200/month
BB (3+ months) $150/month
COM SERV $120/month
CAMPUS BIZ $180/month
TESC GEN $100/month
TESC S&A $75/month

Section Package includes:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


  1. Recruitment
  2. Policies and Procedures
  3. Online Advertising
  4. Website
  • Tabling Events: Student Activities Fair, Wednesday, May 13, 2009 3PM & Freshman Advising Day, Friday, May 8, 2009
  • Website-specific recruitment materials
  • house ads, fliers, etc. for Managing Editor positions
  • Talking about the website with students while tabling, during Vox Pop, etc.
  • Utilizing CPJ Lounge
  • Recruiting for new media submissions
  • Training CPJ staff

  • Write position descriptions for Managing Editors
  • Content deadlines
  • Operations & Ethics amendments
  • Rewrite Business Manual
  • Write 2009-10 Ad Rate brochure
  • Submission Guidelines for new media
  • Privacy Policy
  • Write position description for Advertising Representative
  • Production Model: News side
  • Production Model: Biz Side
  • Copyright Policy
  • Terms and Conditions for use of site
  • Develop training materials
  • Determine online ad placement
  • Determine online ad sizes
  • Determine online ad pricing
  • Determine online ad format
  • Write 2009-10 Ad Rate brochure
  • Create Community page: Business Directory
  • Production Model: Online Advertising
  • Determine criteria guidelines and priority for print advertising
  • Research National Advertising online
  • Rewrite contract for online and print
  • Research and determine Ad management systems: Google Ad Manager or OpenX
  • Layout/Design of homepage and other pages
  • Ads - how will they work?
  • Submissions - how will they be posted?
  • Research, experiment with online resources - twitter, for example
  • Research and determine online Ad management systems: Google Ad Manager or OpenX
  • Digital Lounge
  • Post multimedia this quarter
  • Documenting the website - How-to Guide

Monday, April 13, 2009


1. There should be multiple options for how people communicate on the website. Meaning: following the example of newsmixer, have two or three options for how students can communicate with one another about stories that are posted to the site. Guide the conversations in some way that makes it clear that these comment systems are designed for constructive discussion of the topic, not tesctalk-ish flame wars. Do this by using a term or phrase other than comments to describe the section that more directly describes the kind of converstaions we want people to have. Include a description of the section that makes clear that we will remove posts that are not appropriate.  How does "feedback" sound instead of comments?  Feedback could be filtered into different pathways in a way to guide feedback, sorted by tips, content, layoud/aesthetic.  Also, if others wished to contribute additional content such as documents, information, photographs, video, etc., we could have a link to send them in the right direction to contribute.  Also, a rating system might be an interestind additional, where readers could suggest stories to be placed in the print edition.

2. Will comments be posted right away, then reviewed by moderators? Will they be put in a queue for review by moderators? Will we use an automated filter for certain words? What will happen when that filter catches a questionable word? What would the questionable words be? Will there be a flagging system?
K: I prefer to review comments first because the CPJ needs to be held accountable for information on the site, and it doesn't make sense for the CPJ to hold itself accountable for content that has not been reviewed, or held up to the standards of our submission policy.

3. We should repurpose Publication Criteria in a way that those standards can be conveyed to people in a simple, clear way when they post comments. We should use Publication Criteria to determine when comments are inappropriate.  Publication Criteria should be written in an easily accessible language that would encourage others to actually read it, instead of just clicking okay, as convenient as that is.

4. There needs to be multiple people dedicated to moderating our comments systems. How often should they be required to review comments?
K: Moderation should occur everyday, preferably just after what has been determined to be the busiest traffic times of the day.  Commentators should be informed of the time of day comments are reviewed and when they can expect to see their comments posted/contacted about revisions.

5. Will moderators tell students when they remove their comments? Will they ask for comments to be revised? Will moderators edit out parts of comments that are inappropriate?
K:Working with commentators should be a primary responsibility of the online ME. 

6. I think that people have to register with the site to do anything on it. Who is allowed to register? We should verify the names of students using systems that the college has set up. Can we verify staff and faculty in the same way? Should we allow alumni, off campus folks to register, maybe with extra required steps? Should we require photos of those that are registered? How will we review those photos? What kind of process will users have to go through to comment and interact with a CPJ website? What will be required of users to register for the website?

6a. Should we have terms and conditions for commenting on the website? What should they be?  How can we convey these terms and conditions to the users?  How will we know that people are aware of these terms and conditions? Is there anyway we can know this?

O&E deadlines

These are the dates we will have proposals ready for the group, or whatever date is noted in What we have to do in Spring.
Week 7-Seth and Jason-VI. Publication Criteria
Week 7-Kristina-X. Copyright
Week 7-Jason-XIII. Corrections
Week 5-Jason-XXI. Appointment and Tenure
XVI. Distribution and Subscriptions- RSS feeds and sharing features? Who is then responsible for website "distro". More on this.
April 17-Bryn-XV. Advertising
Week 5-Jason-XX. Description of Positions of Extra Responsibility
Week 7?-Bryn and Seth-XIV. Unauthorized Alteration, Theft and Vandalism-What law is broken when someone hacks the site? SPLC.
XXIII. Equipment-Depending on weather we get those netbooks or not.
Week 7-Everyone-Website

Blanket changes-ME, print edition, ABM
Definition of terms i.e. "newspaper"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Operations and Ethics

VI. Publication Criteria, New section- Add provisions for a web newspaper
X. Copyright-Like Seth said, this is going to have to be looked at. How long are things going to be staying on the website? Where will the copyright be on the website pages? Will we eventually take issues down? Things to talk about.
XIII. Corrections- Will corrections have a timeline? Where will they go on the website? Will they go in the print edition?
XXI. Appointment and Tenure-D. 3. A. Publicizing-Add the website?
XVI. Distribution and Subscriptions-B.-Do we need this after next year?
XV. Advertising-Should there be anything in here that specifically addresses a website and online advertising?
XX. Description of Positions of Extra Responsibility-Update positions to reflect the move to the web.
XIV. Unauthorized Alteration, Theft and Vandalism- We need a whole new section about alteration and vandalism for the website.

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