Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Bryn and I will meet every day at 11:30 am, bring our accomplishments and review our work with each other.

• General Changes that must be made throughout Manual: Changes of versions and assistant/associate language

I. Advertising Process and Table of Contents - BRYN & KRISTINA: Monday, May 11, 2009
⁃ update LAST
II. Contracts - Kristina: Friday, May 8, 2009
⁃ ***addition of a online ad run sheet
⁃ consistent uploading process throughout the month, where will we keep the online contracts?
⁃ do away with bulk rate contracts
⁃ two separate systems of online and paper contracts
⁃ what will be the timeline for processing online contracts (sign required between signing contract and placing ad on site)
⁃ Design online contracts and review current contracts
⁃ Online contracts: online tear sheets (traffic, hit counts, etc.)
⁃ General online traffic hits included in ad Brochure
⁃ Include online revamping of correction ads
⁃ update contract drawers to include online?
III. Advertising Information & Rates Brochure Required - Kristina: May 5, 2009
⁃ Ad Rate brochure for both print and online separately or together?
⁃ define ad rates/specs for online next year
IV. Client Profile - Bryn: Friday, May 8, 2009
⁃ review current client profile sheets
⁃ make changes to manual according to alterations
⁃ add website to profile?
⁃ include ubi #
V. Client Journal - Bryn: May 8, 2009
⁃ review current client journal sheets
⁃ credit card?
⁃ bulk rate?
⁃ adding online ad space specs to journal
⁃ come up with abbreviations for different online ad rates/purchases (button, box, text, package, on campus/off)
VI. Ad Run Sheet Requirements - Kristina: Thursday, April 29, 2009
⁃ create two sections for both online and print
⁃ what size of ads will we accept?
⁃ include expiration of ad online ad run sheets
⁃ how often will be update ad run sheet daily?
VII. Ad Work Order - Kristina: Monday, May 4, 2009
⁃ create online ad work order
⁃ review current ad work orders
⁃ what format will be used for online advertising?
⁃ perhaps just use different colors for online v print ad work orders
⁃ we no longer paste things!!!
⁃ update proofers responsibilities
⁃ how will ads be placed online?
⁃ who will be responsible for placing online ads?
⁃ rewrite deadlines for ad work orders (how will online work?)
VIII. Credit Card Transaction - Bryn: May 6, 2009
⁃ update credit card transactions to reflect new cc form
⁃ make clear that cc are only are emergencies
⁃ take out subscription processes
⁃ include how to document cc-paid online ads
⁃ take out classified
IX. Miscellaneous Receipt for Advertising - Bryn: May, 4, 2009
⁃ move cc down to bottom an reiterate only for emergencies
⁃ create examples for online advertising (need ad specs)
⁃ take out classified and subscription
X. Inter-Organization Transaction Form - Bryn: May 4, 2009
⁃ come up with some language to describe online ad run dates and sizes
⁃ have separate folders for online IOT ads
⁃ what do you think about cheaper online advertising?
⁃ come up with filing system for expired online advertising contracts
XI. Invoices - Bryn: May 4, 2009
⁃ take out bulk rates
⁃ figure out online tearsheets/copies
⁃ find language to describe online ad specs
⁃ will we invoice after ad runs and how do we prove it was up for the full 30 days?
XII. Subscription Processes - Bryn: April 29, 2009
⁃ take out all subscription payment processing stuff and new label creation
⁃ take out re-subscribe letter
⁃ take out circ coordinator responsibilities
⁃ how to return checks or how to handle them via subscriber (refer to Dianne for specific process, potential record keeping?)
XIII. Miscellaneous Receipt for Subscriptions - Bryn: April 29, 2009
⁃ remove entire section
XIV. Excel Record of Ad Revenue per Issue - Bryn: May 6, 2009
⁃ how often should excel record online ad run sheet be updated
⁃ coming up with language to describe ad specs, run dates etc.

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