Monday, April 13, 2009

O&E deadlines

These are the dates we will have proposals ready for the group, or whatever date is noted in What we have to do in Spring.
Week 7-Seth and Jason-VI. Publication Criteria
Week 7-Kristina-X. Copyright
Week 7-Jason-XIII. Corrections
Week 5-Jason-XXI. Appointment and Tenure
XVI. Distribution and Subscriptions- RSS feeds and sharing features? Who is then responsible for website "distro". More on this.
April 17-Bryn-XV. Advertising
Week 5-Jason-XX. Description of Positions of Extra Responsibility
Week 7?-Bryn and Seth-XIV. Unauthorized Alteration, Theft and Vandalism-What law is broken when someone hacks the site? SPLC.
XXIII. Equipment-Depending on weather we get those netbooks or not.
Week 7-Everyone-Website

Blanket changes-ME, print edition, ABM
Definition of terms i.e. "newspaper"

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