Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Notes from our user discussion

Wait a minute...

Use of site in general. Comments are only a section of this. What we are requirements of people for comments will be requirements for whole sites.

It might become something that faculty/staff might use it too further their job purposes as opposed to contribute to the greater discussion.

Student staff versus staff for contributing to a staff blog. Student staff, outreach that is controlled by administrators.

How do we define student as a contributor versus student staff member working on behalf of the college.

Where do we draw the line if we draw that line?

If staff/faculty want to contribute in any form we have to very clear about who they are.

How do we divide blogs,

Have something like oly/blog for staff/faculty.

Headline editors double check and make sure that headlines for this blog are reflective of content.

Blog coordinator for the CPJ ? – check blogs and upload.

difference between blogs and letters and opinions piece.

Blog feature on the L&O page

How do we keep L&O from being a free for all. How do we determine what is L&O and what is just a blog item.

We ask the contributors how do they want their article tagged.

Tags can be done in several different ways, not just sections.

There is nothing worse than poor indexing of information. We need to find some intutive way to design and label things, such as a blog preview on a section page.

If we have a faculty/staff blogged that will be previewed on other pages:
what position would we need to do this?
How much work will it take?
Dianne says it will involve at least three people, unless we have one blog coordinator.
Seth says there is a different systems of agreements that make this easier.

Even with automation, how will we decide is something is in the section that would best fit an article or blog post.

Would the person who reads blog, and writes headline decide which section the blog will be indexed on.

One blog were all the faculty and staff can contribute. It will edited by a blog coordinator (s).

Develop blog coordinator position- read every blog, check headline, check and make sure tags are appropriate. Create headline that will be used on every reference index.

make position malleable to fit changing responsibilities.

Alumni – do we have an alumni blog?

Have the Alumni foundation buy webspace to have an alumni blog.
They would bear responsibilities for this space. We would need to make it clear that is was being rented by the foundation.
Who would design it?
Selling blogs to Enrollment?
Business develop ad rates for Evergreen-centric blog.
Use the homepage campus add space as a slideshow, It could highlight the rented blogs.

Photos for website use.
Have a photographer designate time each week to specifically take user photos.


Have a day at the beginning of the year where we say " if you ever want to send something to the CPJ, get your photo taken now."


comments need someone to review both comments and user photos.

Do we need a new position or could it be a pre-existing position.

It makes sense to have position whose purpose is to moderate review comments, etc. This person would also look at incoming profile photos to ensure that all photos are real.

Purpose of this position to monitor the CPJ comment boards to help maintain civil and productive discourse.

Newsmixer based comment system.

Character limits for comments posting.

300 characters.

duties make sure questions are questions. Make sure comments are submitted to the appropriate section.

Comment moderation system.

Have some features that makes comment invisible to users until its reviewed by eic or me or associate editor.
After editor reviews, they can send a message (possibly an automated one) that will notify commentator of the message deletion.

Have some kind of invisible stack to see if comments from a particular use consistently get deleted.

When would we ban a user from commenting, if we ban them from commenting? How would they be banned?

So after a period of malicious commenting, a user's comments will have to go through a review process before being posted. Not any different than usual review process, it just doesn't show up automatically.

If we do this we need to be very clear about the worth and meaning of the CPJ comments section.
To do this have some sort of reminder before this person can post.

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