Monday, May 11, 2009

Operations and Ethics: Revsion to Corrections chapter

Hey everyone here are the revisions to the corrections chapter of Operations and Ethics. I have marked the revisions in a navy blue ( At least I think it is a navy blue. It could be another shade of blue).
A. A correction should be written as soon as a mistake is detected.
B. The editor-in-chief or her/his designee shall be responsible for acquiring the correct information and writing the correction.
C. If the correction involves writing and sending a letter of apology, the editor-in-chief or her/his
designee shall write the letter.
D. All mistakes in the Cooper Point Journal web publication must be corrected as detected.
E. All corrections in the web publication must be noted within the corrected content and must appear in a designated corrections index. All corrections in the print edition must appear in the Cooper Point Journal's designated correction box.

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