Friday, May 15, 2009

5/14 notes from website discussion

Do people revise comments or do we just add a new one.

Should students be allowed to edit their comments at any time?
Moodle has a thirty minute window to edit your post. After that it is locked forever.

have a preview screen so that users can review their comments before posting it for good.

no images in comments.

"There is one little last bit flowing in the flow chart that we haven't gotten to." -Seth Vincent May 14

When something is deleted the student is notified. What happens if one user keeps on breaking comment policy?

The EIC will review the comments of users who continuously have their comments deleted and break the user agreement. The comment will have to be approved by the EIC or designee before it can go live.

Amount of time that someone will have to have their comments reviewed by the EIC before it goes live: 30 days.

"we want this to be as simple as possible. " -Seth Vincent May 14

During breaks we do read only during breaks.
Another option is turning required moderation during break.
DO we tell them they are on etherweb probation?

In the print edition: Put some of the most thoughtful comments into a section of the print edition.
Not calling best of or anything qualitative.

Have that a conversation with users who consistently disregard the user agreement.

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